Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dear friends,
I suck at blogging!!!! I just get so caught up in everything else I'm doing and forget about it, or when I do remember, it's so late, I'm too tired. However, I am not going to give up. I will push on and make a better effort. I know I promised an update pic of the baby sampler, and I finally got some batteries for the digital cam, so that will be forth coming. I found out today that the new baby will be a little boy - his name will be Henry Louis (after some baseball player) - and he's due on Feb. 11. I'll keep plugging away at the sampler, and start the name part after Christmas.

Next week is my fall break and that means a week long trip to see DH in Florida!!! He's found a little apartment down there now, so I'll drive a small truck down and bring him some furniture, and then fly home. A whole week with the hubby in Florida and no kids!!!! Life is grand:) With my parents and DB and SIL living nearby, I'll get to visit with them also. Two of my aunts are also visiting my folks. They flew in from N. Ireland yesterday, so I'll get to see them too!

Gail R asked about the type of children I teach. I do in fact teach children with autism. If you son read about a program here in Chattanooga in the public school system, chances are it's the one I work in, as we are the only program with that specialty. (Although that is not to say that all children with autism are in or belong in my program). It is a great program tho, and a most interesting, and tiring:) population to work with.

Well, I'm toodling off to bed. Tomorrow I get my hair chopped off:)


Homerism of the Day

"You're everywhere. You're omnivorous."

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